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SammyDress cross body bagsCross-body bags are the best kind of bags because they leave your hands free to do other stuff, and they’re less tiring than the other styles, like handbags or shoppers, not to mention still super fashionable. They’re personally my favorite, and I have many such bags in my collection, and I intend to buy even more. Today we’re going to show you our picks, from an online store, I’m sure you are all familiar with, which is called SammyDress. SammyDress is a must-go fashion destination, for fashionistas looking for super-affordable clothes, shoes, bags, etc. And when we say affordable, we mean super-cheap, sometimes less than 10euros per piece, but that doesn’t mean that they lack in quality. Actually one of my favorite bags comes from there, and I’m super satisfied with its quality.

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