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Kat von D Shade & Light Contour palette reviewWhat can I say about this gorgeous palette? It’s called Kat von D Shade & Light contour palette, and that’s because it includes 3 powders for contouring, and 3 powders for highlighting. Let’s start with the packaging, which is black matte, and has a nice big mirror on the top; perfect for taking it with you when traveling. It closes with a magnet which makes it easier to take with you in your  bag. The powders are of course all matte, and we have various shades, to fit all skin types. I personally use (mostly) 3 out of its 6 powders, just because these are the ones that fit my needs best. I use the lighter powder (top left) on the areas I want to be highlighted, and I use the 2 darker ones (from the left) to contour the areas I want to have more shade. You can even mix the colors together to create the color that fits your needs and skin tone. If you also buy the shade & light brush, you’d have the perfect contouring result. I love the fact that the powders are all very thinly cut and light on the face. But because of that you get a lot of fall out from the powders. Hardly a disantvantage for me, but I thought I should mention it here. All and all, I definitely recommend  you buy this. It’s an amazing product, that will make your makeup looks even better.

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Five Kat Von D Make up products you have to try

Kat Von D is probably the most alternative band I know! I love her Goth style and the fact that she lets her personality show through her make up products. Did you know that all her logos and handwritten by her?! But not only the packaging and the style are unique, but also the products them selves are amazing. Given the fact that Kat Von D is expanding in Europe, I thought today I would talk about the 5 must haves products from her brand, that everyones raves about, and for a good reason!

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