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Meet the blogger - Sissy ValidStyle

We haven’t updated our interview column for a while, but that’s gonna change, and what better way to re-start it, by interviewing a very loveable blogger/youtuber & social media influencer, Sissy Kyriakou, aka Sissy Valid Style. We got to know Sissy through her blog, and then through her Instagram account & Youtube channel. We’d say that Sissy’s trademark is her bright pink hair, that can make every photo look amazing, but she surely stands out for her playful mood, that makes your day every time you see her, and of course her unique style. Sissy is from Thessaloniki, and owns one of the most popular Instagram accounts in Greece. We definitely had lots to ask her, so grab a cup of coffee (or tea!), and let’s get started on getting to know Sissy better through the interview she gave us.

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