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The Ordinary launches a line of sunscreensThe Ordinary’s CEO and founder Brandon Truaxe, has recently announced on Instagram, that, the company will release a line of sunscreens. “We have just been conforming to regulations in and out of our homeland so that, when The Ordinary Suncare is finally in our hands and yours, we can all see our Sun, the star that gives us all life, as our friend again,” Truaxe explained. The brand’s website lists 5 sunscreens, in both mineral and chemical formulas, with various SPFs. There’s no product descriptions available yet, but it seems that you can choose between mineral and chemical formulas, and you can also choose between extra moisture for dry skin, or shine reduction for oily skin. So far it seems that the higher SPF will be 50, and we’re also assuming that the sunscreens will be affordable too, since most products by The Ordinary retail for less than $15, which is amazing. Are you going to buy any of these sunscreens?

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