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#BeStylishlyBeautiful is once again here with you and autumn is here for good! The tempereratures are already lower and I couldn’t be happier because I already bought many winter clothes! If you want to be a part of this column, make sure to follow @StylishlyBeautiful on Instagram, and use #BeStylishlyBeautiful on the description of your outfits or detailed shots.

Let’s see the best looks…

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This year the New York streetstyle was pretty basic, London’s had some pop touches and Milan’s was what I expected it to be… chic! It was something to anticipate, since once you enter this country, Dolce Vita enters your veins; the same thing happens with style! As a big shiny example I will show you Italy’s favorite girl, Chiara Ferragni (and her ex beau, Riccardo Pozzoli who now dates the gorgeous Greek model, our Nasia Mylona (I love you Chiara but eat our dust)!

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