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Camila Coelho is a Portuguese and English speaking fashion and beauty blogger/vlogger most well known for her MakeUpByCamila YouTube channel and omonymous blog. She launched her main beauty channel, the Portuguese version, in June of 2010 and she created her English language channel in September of 2011 to make it international and well, she achieved it! She has almost 5 million followers on Instagram and her fame is growing day by day! I love her super girly style and her petite figure, you should definitely take a look at her blog and admire her choices!

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Alexa Chung entered the fashion world as a model, but along the way decided that the role of fashion editor was the one that fitted her personality and wanted to follow this role for the rest of her career. Alexa Chung now works as a Contributing Editor at British Vogue and is one of the modern style icons. Her unique style which combines androgynous and ladylike elements doesn’t go unnoticed from the fashion photographers who never miss an opportunity to capture her red carpet outfit. These are the 10 best looks of Alexa Chung:


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The Lookbook of the autumn collection was uploaded on ZARA.COM last week. This collection consists mainly of formal lines with small specifications that can make a formal outfit comfortable and convenient for every day. For example a pair of sports shoes, or/and a backpack along with a suit is the perfect combination for each day, as seen on international catwalks. A perfect description for this collection could be “Elegance and comfort”. The colors are black, dark blue, grey, khaki, brown and dark green. You can find the entire collection on ZARA’s official website and stores. Take a look at the lookbook for this autumn:

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An American girl living in Paris! Audrey Leighton Rogers can call home three different cities: Washington DC (born there), Valencia (her parents live there) and Paris (where she moved after her graduation, all alone with no friends just to make her dream come true)! Blogging since 2007, she only needed 6 months to establish her name at the fashion world and now in the age of 25 she is working in fashion, through her blog and as a freelance writer and photographer! Her style is exactly like the name of her blog, fresh+sassy equals frassy! She owns a wardrobe I want to steal and a crazy spirit that I am so jealous of! With these gorgeous Parisian backrounds it was not hard for her to turn everything she wears into a trend! She enjoys fashion and she just created her very own brand, named Audrey Leighton Rodgers and she made a promise that there are many more things to come in her fashion future!


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