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Pool floats shopping guide

Pool floaties are everywhere this summer. The trend actually started last summer, but this year, there’s a serious craze about these floats. The most popular of all, being of course, the pink flamingo. There’s also the rose gold version of that, or the white swan, and then of course we have the food ones, like watermelons, slices of pizza, pineapples and many more. If you want to buy one there are many available options online, in many styles and colors for different budgets as well. They’re perfect for the pool, if you want to just let go and relax, while reading a book, or drinking a cold beverage or cocktail, while enjoying your sunbathing. These are our favorites from the ones we’ve found online. Enjoy! 🙂

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Rimmel 60 Seconds Chameleon Nail Polish by Rita Ora 1

Rimmel London teams up with the famous singer Rita Ora once again to release a new summer collection of their 60 Seconds nail polish. It’s called Chameleon and it includes 12 ultra shiny shades that were created by Rita Ora. The shades are divided to pastels, bold brights, hot chromes and one grey colour (Rita’s personal choice). It is said that the 60 Seconds nail polish dries quickly and last up to 10 days so we are quite curious to try out this collection.

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Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer Summer 2017 1

The well-known brand introduces its new very promising Instant full cover concealer.  It promises to brighten your dark circles, soften hollows and tired lines in an instant. It comes in a variety of 15 shades suitable for very light to deep dark skin tones. It’s a highly-pigmented concealer with a non-drying formula that helps balance skin’s natural moisture levels for a supple, more comfortable feel. Moreover, its long-wear formula is water-, sweat- and humidity-resistant with all-day coverage that won’t crease. We can hardly wait to give it a try.

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Look of the day Cropped off the shoulder topThe look of the day, might be very light and simple today, but it combines 2 major trends: cropped off-the-shoulder tops and gingham. I love them both, and I wanted to create a nice summer look that would be easy to wear from day to night. So I paired up the cropped top with high-waisted gingham shorts, and I added some color with the bag and the flat sandals. This look can be your best choice both for staying in the city during the summer, and exploring the narrow streets of little islands, or go sightseeing in other cities/countries. It’s light, comfortable and very stylish, and it’s our suggestion for this week. Whatever you’re planning to do, we really hope you have an amazing time while doing it. 🙂

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Too Faced's new Glitter Bomb Prismatic Eyeshadow PaletteLast month, Too Faced released a new eyeshadow palette called Glitter Bomb. As you can probably guess by its name it’s full of glittery eyeshadows. But the revolutionary part is that the palette also includes two base shadows, a brightening one, and a deepening one that will help the glittery eye shadows look so much better. There are 8 glitter shades, in pink, purple, bronze, and green, called: Fairy Dust, Confetti, Hot Damn!, Glitter Goals, Rose All Day, Work it!, Oh, it’s ON!, and splash (left to right, top to bottom). You can apply them wet or dry; you just need some Glitter Glue to help you keep all the eyeshadows in place for as long as you like. The palette costs $45 and it’s available now on toofaced.com for a limited time only.

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Boxer braids & space bunsLast summer, it was all about the boxer braids, and the space buns. Everywhere you looked a girl would have her hair up either in boxer braids, or space buns. Granted, they looked cute and comfy enough for the summer heat. This year it’s all about these 2 trends combined, and I can say it’s one of the cutest trends I’ve seen. It’s basically upside down Dutch braids that turn into messy buns on the top of the head. I’d like to copy that hairstyle myself, but unfortunately I’m not very good with hair. If you are the same, or if you simply want to learn how to do it yourself, here’s a video that might help you to do so.

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Christian Louboutin releases high heeled sandals in seven shades of 'nude'Back in 2013, Christian Louboutin released his “Nudes Collection”, a line of pumps in 5 different shades of nude to match (almost) every skin tone. Then he added 2 more nude shades, and released the solasofia ballerina pump to his collection. This time, he went a step further, and released his first high heeled sandals in 7 nude shades, Christeriva and the Cherrysandal. Christeriva is a ballet-inspired stiletto sandal, with ribbon wraps and Cherrysandal is a chunky platform sandal with chunky heels, an ankle strap, and a nice perspex detail. You can see the style in a close-up below. The style is also available in various other colors and combinations online. We’re fans of Mr. Louboutin’s work, and we’re curious to see what else he has in mind for the future.

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