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Jurlique Summer Essentials 2016Jurlique launched some summer essentials for your skin and lips. If you are looking for matte finish on your face’s skin, then the Rose Silk Finishing Powder is the right product for you. The silky translucent powder will perfect your summer make-up look by reducing the unwanted shine and leaving the skin fresh and bright. As for your lips, the Hydra Lips offers nourishment and protection. As a result, you’ll have beautifully soft, hydrated and smooth lips. Undoubtedly, they are both incredible products for our handbag!!

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Shopping guide - high waisted shorts

You’re not going to find any item more worn than a pair of shorts in summer! They’re super comfortable, can be worn from day to night, with flats or heels, and take you from the beach to the summer night club, while keeping you cool and stylish. And high-waisted shorts are very popular these past few years, and have many fans around the world. This is why I chose to feature them in today’s shopping guide, to give you a few ideas and options, from the more affordable ones, to a bit more pricey, that can really transform your looks. It’s an item that cannot be missing from a girl’s wardrobe. 🙂

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With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start considering which wardrobe changes you are going to make. With this in mind, these are a couple essential items you need to have in your closet this year, if you want to ensure you are always going to look your best and are mindful of the latest fashion trends.

Waist high

High waisted shorts

High waist jeans shorts are slimming, go well with nearly any outfit and can be worn during the day or a night time event. Formal, casual, dressy, you name it. Not only do they provide a slimming waistline but can be worn for nearly any occasion or event you are attending.


Floral sundresses

Namely the sundress variety. They are light, airy, can be worn by day or night and can be worn shorter or longer in length. Nothing screams summer like floral prints, why not wear them in a lighter, fun variety this year?

With new trends coming about on what seems like a daily basis, these are a couple must have items for your closet this year. There are loads of catalogues who have recently brought out there summer collections. If you would like to compare some catalogues which are offering summer collections then take a look at shop2day.

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Summer essentials - sunglassesAlong with sunscreen protection and hats, another summer essential is definitely a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses can be worn all year long, especially if you live in a sunny country, but in summer, they’re essential. Your eyes also need protection from the sun and you better give it to them. A good pair of sunglasses is very important, because they have better lenses and definitely better design. But you don’t have to break the bank to afford them; there are many inexpensive options, if you’re on a budget, and pricier ones for the fashionistas of the world. We picked some of our favorites of the season, but the choice is yours! Find all the links below! 😉

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