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The name is a bit interesting, since 2015 has just a few more months to run… gasp, was it fast! The right name would be Fall/Winter 2015 AND 2016, since winter does stay for a while in some countries. Lost in a cloud of magazines and blogs to catch up with the trends? Here are some of them! Always keep in mind that the industry “creates” many, according to the audience’s response 🙂 But you will see that some trends, worn in other seasons like spring and summer, will be repeated during fall and winter. Classics, in fact, never out of the limelight. Let’s check some of the trends now and as they are many, some will follow soon in another post!

Black and white

Fall and winter 2015 trends

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It seems there’s a new trend – well, not that “new”, rather a comeback – that was seen on the London runways lately – brocade and tapestry! Even the smallest details were covered by that, having the Burberry Prorsum show opened by a song from the Tapestry album, by Carole King, a definite mention to the 70s, when brocade and tapestry were so in, with so nice patchwork items.

Brocade and patchwork revival trend

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