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As we’re slowly moving on to spring, your looks, and our looks too, have started to become lighter and more colorful… I couldn’t find a more proper time to announce that #BeStylishlyBeautiful will be completely moving to Instagram from next week on, meaning that the best looks will still be featured there once a week, but not here anymore, since we thought that this column has taken its course and it’s time for it to be replaced. But keep using our hashtag on the description of your style photos so we’ll be able to see them, and choose our favorites every week. And don’t forget to also follow us there @StylishlyBeautiful, because we’re getting more active lately. So, let’s see this week’s best looks!

#BeStylishlyBeautiful Your looks 11-3-16

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January has been the coldest month so far and I couldn’t be happier about it. While checking your photos, I noticed that you didn’t stop being chic no matter whether you enjoy this season or not. So, I found it difficult to choose only 12 photos of yours once again. But if you don’t find your photo here today don’t be sad, you always have the chance to be in the next post by using our hashtag #BeStylishlyBeautiful on your Instagram photos. Just make sure that you are following us on @StylishlyBeautiful, too!!

#bestylishlybeautiful - your looks 29.01.2016 2@the_colourful_bouquet | @urbanmademoiselle@anastaciaglezakou | @frompgwithlove

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I’m happy to be the editor of this column this week, because I really enjoy picking out the best looks to show here, and I must tell you, yet again, I had a difficult time choosing. The camel coat was the star of your outfits as it seems, and black color is still going strong. Hats are also a trend you like to follow, and I myself dived into this trend too, pretty recently. So here are my picks for the week. If you want to see your look here next time, make sure to follow us on Instagram @StylishlyBeautiful and use #BeStylishlyBeautiful in the description of your outfit photos.

#BeStylishlyBeautiful - Your looks - 18.12.15

#BeStylishlyBeautiful is once again here with you and winter is here for good! The tempereratures are already lower and I couldn’t be happier because I haven’t worn my winter clothes yet! If you want to be a part of this column, make sure to follow @StylishlyBeautiful on Instagram, and use #BeStylishlyBeautiful on the description of your outfits or detailed shots.

Let’s see the best looks…

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The fashion month ends with Paris Fashion Week, perhaps the most important fashion week since there were collections of giant brands presented such as Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, etc. The fashion fans were thrilled with the unique collection by Raf Simons for the Christian Dior House, as long boots are a trademark for the Fall 2015 collection. In addition, a particular sensation was caused by the “revival” of Christobal Balenciaga’s design talent from Alexander Wang since his strong designs almost reached the top. Below, you’ll get a small taste of the designers’ shows for the Fall 2015 season. If you want to see the entire collection of each designer, all you have to do is click on the links after the collages. Have a fun and relaxing time fashion lovers! See you on the next fashion month!!

Dries Van Noten AW15 PFW

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