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During summer season our hair are suffering from the sea salt and the sun so we have to take care of them a little more than usual! Use hair-oils, protective creams, hair-sunscreen and of course don’t use your blowdryer and your beloved flat or curling iron… especially if your hair is weird like mine, I know it’s hard to style them without your tools… but trust me, since it’s summer and our style gets more easy-breezy, braids are the best choice for your hair! So I suggest to you the top 3 braided hairstyles to do this summer! They are so easy, stylish and beautiful!

1) The Dutch Braid, see more details here

dutch-braid-short-hair-dutch braid

2) The Boho Braid, see more details here

boho braidboho braids

3) The Flower Braid, see more details here

floral-braidbraids with flowers


All photos are courtesy of ”The beauty department”

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