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Meghan Markle's Style EvolutionEveryone is talking about Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife-to-be, these days, but we had noticed Meghan and her style, way before their engagement, or even their relationship started. Meghan is an actress, mostly known for her role as Rachel Zane, in the popular TV show, Suits. As a TV series aficionado, of course I was already watching the show, and I actually loved her style on the show. But has Meghan’s style changed a lot since her early days, or even after her relationship with Prince Harry was announced? Well, we went way back to 2008, and even though she did choose different outfits and styles back then, as it’s natural, her style core has stayed more or less the same. Meghan have always chosen midi dresses and skirts, but she also liked shorts and jeans. She was always known for her high stiletto heels, her long hair and chic style. So we think she’ll have no difficulty fitting into her new role as Prince Harry’s fiance and soon-to-be wife. We love how she changed her style slightly after the announcement of the relationship, and she’s looking amazing in the most recent photos of their engagement with Prince Harry. We actually can’t wait to see her style evolve even more in the future, and we’re hoping that she’ll be bringing a breath of fresh air into the Royal family. Let’s hope so! We’ll definitely keep an eye on her and her style. But for now, let’s see how her style evolved from 2008 and on (the top picture shows her more recent style choices).

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Bloggers we love - In the Frow 5- StylishlyBeautiful.com

In the frow (short for in the front row, in fashion shows), is the internet child of Victoria, a lifestyle blogger from UK. She started her blog back in 2012, during the completion of her Fashion PhD and career as a Fashion Marketing Lecturer at the University of Manchester, but I got to know her quite recently through another blogger I follow. Her silver-colored hair was what initially caught my attention, but after following her blog, and Youtube channel, for a while, I loved her style and her beautiful personality, which is obvious from her videos. She has a quite admirable and truly-coveted collection of outerwear, which makes me want to start creating my own, and a really nice collection of shoes (that one I got covered, hehe). She’s absolutely adorable, and I love the fact that she’s daring enough to try hair colors such as pink, purple or her now silver/white-hue. Check out her style in the photos below, and make sure to visit her blog, channel and social media accounts!

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