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Faux Fur for winter style 4

The weather these days inspired me to write this post about another winter 2016/2017 trend which is: faux furs. It’s been getting chillier and chillier these days and I wish I had one of those coats to keep me warm when I go out. There are many ways to wear the faux fur, and keep warm this winter. You can either go full-on furry coat, fur-sleeved jacket and/or collar, or long parka/duvet coat with fur collar/hood. Our suggestion would be to avoid the fully fur coat if you don’t want to add extra volume to the upper part of your body. Furs tend to add lots of volume and they’re not flattering to all body types. But do not worry! Because we have gathered many beautiful and absolutely affordable options here for you today, so you’ll be able to find the best one for you. We’d recommend a fur vest to add a warm layer to your outfits, or a long jacket with furry collar or hood. Either way, make sure that your fur is faux. You can shop all of our choices at the end of this post!

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Ten Tips to Choose the Best Boots for Winter

If you live in a cold climate, you’ll know that winter is here. It is time to prepare, if you haven’t already, by some good old-fashioned retail therapy. Stocking up on good quality winter clothes, including boots, can make living in a cold town much more pleasant, especially once the snow comes in. Those in a warmer climate will have different considerations to think about, so each of the points below will be slightly different for your personal situation. The most important thing is that you consider every option and your town’s climate when deciding on the boots you need for this winter.

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ugg 1
Maybe I’ve missed a few of our weekly appointments but now I’m back to present to you the best of the best of the market! What is the best choice to begin with?? Shoes of course!! Maybe it’s because our vacations are over, or maybe because we are back to our routine, but when I hear autumn, one brand comes to mind: “UGG”!!! Call me hasty, call me crazy but it was the first thing that came to my mind! What if many people laugh at these boots, UGG made huge sales with a wide variety of colors and designs capable to satisfy even the most demanding customers. UGG has a lot of partnerships with other companies such as Swarovski and Disney, and the result was just amazing!! This year, they have renewed and upgraded the external cover of their boots, making it more durable against the water, almost waterproof! I always present to you products that I have personally tried, and I can tell you that comfort and warmth is incomparable in those shoes and if you try them, you are not gonna change them again! Take a look and you’ll know what I mean!!

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