Dior Lip Maximizer balm gloss | Review

Dior Lip Maximizer balm gloss | Review

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As I am always trying new products and I love glosses, I couldn’t help but buying this product. I don’t believe in lip plumpers; I bought it because it is from a brand I love and it says it acts like a balm, and I love lip balms. I wear them alone many times, acting like a lip gloss or lipstick. So, I was eager to try it. I thought it would be good for sensitive skin lips.

Dior lip maximizer collagen activ gloss

I’m highly disappointed, though. As I said, I don’t believe in lip plumpers and I like my lips’ size. But the balm promise was the reason I bought it (shiny gloss with added treatment). …Not only it didn’t treat my lips, but it dried them so much after some minutes… I felt fooled. It was not that expensive, in my opinion, but I have way better lip balms for 1/4 of the price of this Dior one. Let’s see what it does (not) 🙂

Dior lip maximizer collagen activ lip gloss

There’s a slight bit of tingle in the first minute, but only in the first minute, and no enhancing at all. It has a smooth texture, not overly sticky like some lip glosses are. It was supposed to be like a balm-gloss hybrid, as they advertise, but for me it’s nothing more than a clear lip gloss in only one shade. Nothing special. No other shades are offered.

After some minutes it was unpleasant to wear. My lips got drier and I even had to remove patches of skin using tweezers! Awful!

If you want a sophisticated package clear gloss from a luxury brand, and you don’t have very sensitive lip skin, then it’s fine.


* The product being reviewed here is not the same as the one we’re giving on our giveaway


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Dior Lip Maximizer balm gloss
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