3 New perfumes for men 2015

3 New perfumes for men 2015

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Men's perfume 2015

The beauty industry doesn’t take any breaks even though it’s only the first month of 2015.  Three well-known companies are launching their perfumes hoping to get men’s attention. Ralph Lauren will launch Polo Supreme Oud in the near future. It’s the brand’s first Eau de Parfum for men and its notes are cinnamon, pink pepper, guaiac wood and vetiver. Every man will love its black bottle in strict lines. Another perfume with dark deluxe package is the Bottega Veneta Pour Homme. It’s sensual and intense because of the leather, labdanum, bergamot and pine tree between its ingredients.

Mercedes-Benz VIP Club - new fragranceThe company Mercedes-Benz is launching the Mercedes-Benz VIP Club this month, a new collection of five masculine fragrances. Further more:

  • The Energetic Aromatic has notes like bergamot, grapefruit, galbanum, cedar, tonka bean, amber and sandalwood.
  • The Pure Woody contains apple, cardamom, ginger, clary sage, violet leaves, geranium and amber.
  • The Black Leather has notes of sage, amber, bergamot, orris, patchouli, incense and leather.
  • The Infinite Spicy is the spiciest of all with Sichuan pepper, star anise, coriander, ginger, cardamom, juniper berry, cashmere woods, ambrox and teak wood.
  • The Addictive Oriental contains lemon zest, mint, paradisone, lavender, clary sage, fig leaves, cashmere woods and sandalwood.

While we are waiting for more releases, we will definitely check out the above perfumes, what about you??



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