New products from Bioten

New products from Bioten

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New products from BiotenBioten always loves taking care its consumers so it released two new products for our body care. The Sensual touch body lotion promises hydration and softness that lasts up to 48 hours. It’s enriched with 100% natural Orchid extract and essential oil Ylang Ylang for senses’ revitalization and freshness. Like all Bioten’s body lotions, the Sensual Touch is dermatologically tested and it doesn’t contain Parabens, Paraffins and Colorants. The other product is the BODYSHAPE Total Remodeler Gel-Cream which is enriched with 100% natural extract of Acai Berry and thanks to the combination of natural ingredients it helps reduce cellulite and remodel the entire body in 4 weeks. The company claims that after 4 weeks of use you will notice a decrease of 3cm on your belly, your thighs and your buttocks. Well, we are curious about them and we will definitely check them out, what about you?



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