Body exfoliation | Summer Edition

Body exfoliation | Summer Edition

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Body exfoliation - Summer EditionIn a previous article, we talked about moisturizing our body and how important it is, especially in summer. Today, we will talk about body exfoliation which is not as important as moisturizing but it has its own benefits. The body scrub exfoliates your skin, removes the dead cells and prepares skin for moisture. The Caudalie Crushed Cabernet scrub is enriched with honey, essential oils, brown sugar and grape-seeds so it can leave your skin delightfully smooth. The Lush Coconut Cream and Sea Salt scrub cleans deeply and softens the skin with a mix of sea salt minerals, avocado and coconut. The Fuji Green Tea body scrub is almost a new product. It’s perfect for cleansing and exfoliating and its refreshing scent detoxes the body. The Apivita Gentle Exfoliating Cream has 97% natural ingredients. The sea salts and olive grains remove dead cells, the olive, almond and wheat oils leave the skin soft, the organic lavender extract moisturizes and protects your skin from irritations and the organic jasmine and neroli essential oils give a sensation of euphoria. The L’occitane Shea Butter Ultra-Rich Body scrub contains shea butter in purpose to nourish the skin while it gently exfoliates it. The Moltin Brown warming eucalyptus & ginger body scrub is a pricey one but it’s a best seller product which warms the skin, enhances the circulation and detoxifies the system. Last but not least is the Origins Incredible Spreadable Smoothing Salt body scrub which is well-known for its dreamy scent. It’s effective enough to smooth and moisturize even the driest skins without any irritations. Some people may say that a body scrub has to be used in combination with a body lotion and as a beauty editor, after the above suggestions I have to agree!!



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