Trends | Clogs are back!

Trends | Clogs are back!

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Clogs are back – in fact, they never really “left” 🙂 When summer comes, and with it beaches, swimming pools and comfortable outfits, clogs are always welcome! They look a bit “hippyish”, but there are styles that are so elegant! Good brands and designers are offering them, so let’s see some styles!

Trends clogs are back 2

From left to right: Faux Leather Platform Clog, Michael Kors Prim appliqued leather platform clog and Michael Kors Beatrice suede clogs

Some more styles

Trends clogs are back

The black ones are No. 6 store Whiskey Leather Platform clogs. The floral print ones are Patterned Platform sandals and the white ones are Women’s Natural Leather Clogs with buckle/back strap.

Of course the clogs above are just a little sample for you to get inspired, but if you are into comfortable and at the same time stylish summery productions, why not give a try to clogs? They are not just hippie 70s shoes, they made it to this century!

Photos courtesy Net-a-Porter, Forever21 and H&M

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