The bralette trend – Guest post by The Daily Lace

The bralette trend – Guest post by The Daily Lace

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The bralette trend featured- The Daily lace for StylishlyBeautiful.comToday we have the pleasure of introducing a brand new column on, which will be written by guest editors exclusively for our site. For the first guest post we asked Irene from the blog The Daily Lace, whom you’ve been introduced to, here, through her interview, and we’re super happy that’s she’s the one to inaugurate this new column! We welcome her with love, and thank her for her contribution to Stylishly Beautiful. Let’s hear what she has to say:

“Hey, hope you are fine. I am Irene from the The Daily Lace blog and today I’m going to share with you some tips about a trend all of you know: ‘The Bralette’. The Bralette or a lacy bra is not underwear anymore. They are prettier, colorful and they are taking a new place in our wardrobe and in our outfits. During summer they can be worn as a top or even with an open back dress. But how can underwear look chic and not “cheap”? Well you can wear it with a sheer top, a simple tee or even under you sweater for a feminine touch. You can also wear it with a very revealing dress just to be sure everything stays in place, so that you don’t feel exposed. It is the perfect pair for a high waisted skirt and can be the cover you need while wearing a slouchy tee. If you don’t want to expose too much, you can choose a colored bra to wear under your tee. You can adjust the trend to your style. Don’t forget to make your choice according to your needs. In that way you’ll feel confident and secure. Check out the pics for some outfit inspiration.”

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