Caudalie beauty elixir smoothing glowing complexion review

Caudalie beauty elixir smoothing glowing complexion review

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I like thermal water products or, in general, products you can spray on your face. I’ve tried some, Like Vichy and Avene waters, and I thought that Caudalie beauty elixir smoothing glowing complexion would be like a thermal water, but what for a good surprise, it is even better! It acts like a toner, but without the need of a cotton ball – you really just have to spray it on your face! It’s like a skin refresher and if I can say it that way, a primer spray for makeup. The scent is delicate, I like it! 
Caudalie beauty elixir smoothing glowing complexion review -

It’s  a herb infused water,  refreshing and cooling, not irritating at all. The glass spray bottle provides a fine mist and you are immediately refreshed and more, believe it or not, it really moisturizes your face – I feel like I’m spreading a delicate and moisturizing cream over my face. It does accomplish the promise – skin gets a healthy glow and feels so soft, so silky that you don’t even want or need a cream after that, just sunscreen. The product has some oil in it, and it’s a plus to skin, since Caudalie is  known for the vino source formula. It’s an immediate source of hydration and you will feel it! I really recommend this elixir!


 Product displayed here is my own – Photo © by Denise S.

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Caudalie beauty elixir smoothing glowing complexion
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