Benefit highlighters review

Benefit highlighters review

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I really love highlighters and Benefit is a great brand, so I really wanted these products. Other highlighters I’ve tried are too bright, but these ones are really discreet, but still beautiful. Let’s compare them 🙂

Watt's up & girl meets pearl Benefit illuminizers/highlighters

First, Girl Meets Pearl. It gives a lovely soft rose-gold glow and isn’t too obviously bright. It is good to put a bit on the cheekbones and under eyebrows, giving a subtle glow.

It is really lovely, but as I always say, it looks very natural, under foundation or after you apply it, but once you apply a setting powder, that is quite over. I found that applying a specific powder, like the Sheer Bobbi Brown one, can give you a chance to show this highlighter. But still, a lot fades. If you wear it in the summer, just to add a healthier look to your skin, without powder and foundation, then it’s great!
Quite the same goes to Watt’s Up!, from the same brand. It’s that way, Watt with double T.  It comes in a tiny plastic container with a plastic closure that is bad and broke soon – and not having touched it very much. It comes with another protection lid and also a sponge attached to the end of the product, to spread or set the product in a better way. But I didn’t like it very much.
Contrarily to the Girl Meets Pearl product, that has a light texture, this one is quite hard and waxy. But easy to spread and set with your fingers, under foundation or over it, what I recommend more. It gives a natural finish, but showing more than the other highlighter, so I liked this one better. Girl Meets Pearl is more on the rosy color, while Watt’s Up is rosy too, but rosy-golden, I would say. Blend both with your fingers, to have some color showing; the sponge spreads it too much. This highlighter gives a subtle glow to the skin, like the other, too.

Both are good, but the Watt’s Up one tends to show more, even under a setting powder. As I said, to show it, it depends on the powder you want to wear. The Sheer Bobbi Brown one is the one I recommend, and still, when you apply it most of the illuminizing effect fades.

Products displayed here are my own – Photo © by Denise S.


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Girl Meets Pearl and Whatt's up Benefit illuminizers
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