Kailijumei lipsticks with flowers

Kailijumei lipsticks with flowers

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I’m obsessed! Just look at them, they are so cute and I want them all. Kailijumei is a China based company that recently expanded to the U.S and they have one of the prettiest lipsticks that I have seen in my life. They are jelly lipsticks and they have real dried flowers in them. They are transparent and you can see the flowers and some little gold flakes. They are moisturizing and their colour change according to your own temperature. Of course now they are all sold out but you can pre-order them on the official website Kailijumei. They cost 30$ but be careful because there are fakes on the market that are much cheaper with unknown ingredients.
Just imagine having them in your vanity! Admit it, you want them all just like me!

Photos by Kailijumei.tictail.com

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