Urban Decay “Blackmail” Vice Lipstick Palette

Urban Decay “Blackmail” Vice Lipstick Palette

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Urban Decay Vice lipstick palette4

Urban Decay came out with a limited edition lip palette and it’s perfect for both professionals and beauty junkies. It’s an ideal choice if you want to travel with only one product, but you want a lot of options at the same time. From a nude tone to a deep berry colour, we are sure that it’s hard to run out of choices! You can of course mix the colours and have even more options. The palette includes 12 different lip colours and one lip brush. The lipsticks have different finishes so it depends on your mood if you will choose a matte or a shimmery one! You can find it on Urban Decay’s official website.

Urban Decay Vice lipstick palette1 Urban Decay Vice lipstick palette2 Urban Decay Vice lipstick palette3

Photos courtesy of Urban Decay’s official website

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