5 Coconut scented beauty products

5 Coconut scented beauty products

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5 Coconut Scented Beauty ProductsThere are some specific scents that remind summer and coconut is undoubtedly one of them. We didn’t include the natural coconut oil in today’s post even though it’s a versatile product that every girl should has in her collection as we would like to show you 5 products which include coconut and deserve to give them a try.

  • The Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess is a representative one as between its notes of bergamot, amber, white florals and vanilla, you can also recognise the exotic scent of coconut.
  • The Monoï Tiki Tahiti oil is well-known for its incredible nourishing qualities which are result of the combination of tiare flower, sandalwood and coconut.
  • For those who have an unconditional love for this fruit, the Eos coconut milk lip balm is a must have product. You nourish your lips and enjoy its delicious flavour at the same time.
  • The Body Shop coconut exfoliating cream is another characteristic beauty product with this fruit’s aroma and it’s part of a big line in case you are interesting to obtain the complete set.
  • The Bumble and bumble BB Creme de Coco Shampoo promises amazingly soft and beautifully scented hair so we couldn’t help it but try it out.



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