5 Vanilla scented beauty products

5 Vanilla scented beauty products

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5 Vanilla scented beauty products

Vanilla is one of the most classic scents when it comes to beauty products but mostly skincare ones. There is an incredible variety of products with either this specific scent or with a combination based on it. Besides, it fits perfectly with other scents, especially on fragrances. We can easily name plenty of them but we decided to narrow the list to only 5 products for today. 

  • Batiste 2 in 1 Invisible dry shampoo & conditioner. It refreshes your hair and nourished them at the same time. This dry shampoo doesn’t leave white stains to your hair and it has an intense vanilla and passionfruit aroma.
  • Fresh Line Circle Relaxing & Balancing body splash. It’s enriched with extracts of violet and vanilla that offer a sense of calmness.
  • Korres vanilla cinnamon shower gel. A moisturising shower gel with a warm woody aroma. It’s a product that I would love to try as soon as possible.
  • Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Soufflé body crème. This silky smooth crème, with its lightly whipped feel and delicious Ambre Vanilla scent, nourishes and soothes your skin. It’s a luxurious body cream with astonishing properties.
  • Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude fragrance. It’s a woody, sweet and floral one with vanilla as one of the base notes. As a result, most of the women detect it from the beginning along with coconut and sandalwood.

These are some of our suggestions and we hope we add more in the future. Let us know if you have your own.



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