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Markella aka Call me M. is a Marketing & Advertising graduate from Thessaloniki, Greece and the owner of the personal style blog, Do You Speak Gossip?. Her hobbies are blogging, photography, traveling and cooking. She loves blogging about her passion, and she also loves photographing everything; from food to nature and everything else in between she may find pretty. When she's not behind (or in front of) her camera, you will find her taking photos with her phone and chatting with her friends online. She's a shoe addict, and a food and technology lover.
Look of the day red & pink

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Red & pink is one of my favorite summer combinations. A few years ago, very few people dared to pair them together, but these...

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ASOS has pledged to stop selling silk, cashmere, mohair or feather products, by early 2019. The UK retailer, followed the steps of other global...
Γυναικεία μαγιό

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Summer is already here, and here in Greece everyone is going to the beach every chance he gets. The weather is already hot...
Vans x Marvel superhero collaboration

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Vans and Marvel have teamed up to bring out a huge collection of footwear, apparel and accessories with their names. Each piece from the...
Look of the day - Mustard & ketchup

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The mustard trend is still going strong into summer, and I can't stop looking at everything mustard and not feel the need to buy...
Puma x Barbie collection

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Good news! There's a Puma x Barbie collection coming up next fall, and it's going to include apparel too. After Barbie's collaboration with brands...
The Ordinary launches a line of sunscreens

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The Ordinary's CEO and founder Brandon Truaxe, has recently announced on Instagram, that, the company will release a line of sunscreens. "We have just...
You should follow - on Instagram

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The girl behind the account on Instagram is a student and a part-time traveler. She may not have  a big following on Instagram...
Royal Wedding Celebrity Style

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The Royal Wedding was held on May 19th, in Windsor, and hundreds of guests were invited to join the ceremony, and celebrate the marriage...
Look of the day - first summer days

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As we're slowly moving into summer, we can't stop thinking about beautiful summer dresses, espadrille wedges, and straw hats. These 3 are so characteristic...

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