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Achilleas Accessories Spring-Summer 2015  Lookbook 1 Achilleas Accessories definitely suggests clothes with prints for this Spring and Summer. Geometric, stripes and floral prints will be very popular, as they can give a more playful touch to your looks. Also, light fabrics in pastel shades and some black and white combinations are a great idea. They are suitable for a morning walk or your vacations on an island. Don’t forget to complete your outfits with the right accessories like statement necklaces for a more glamorous result or your shopping bag as a more casual choice. Check out the company’s lookbook and get inspired!!

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We are officially on Sales Season and here is a shopping guide to help you be prepared. In today’s post we are going to see some bags which caught my attention. There is a variety of bags’ styles to help you find out which is more suitable for you, depending on the occasion. Take a look below for their brands, and you can always check them out the next time you go shopping. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them with us!!

10 Bag for sales season

(From top to bottom reverse clockwise): Paul’s Boutique | Alexi Andriotti | Zara | Doca | Accessories | Axel AccessoriesAxel Accessories | Achilleas Accessories | Achilleas Accessories

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Achilleas acessories was founded in Athens and has an increasing course since 1978. It is the first brand ever in Greece which produced accessories. The company is always focused on the important things, like quality and originality, combining these with the best prices possible! You can find their products almost everywhere in Athens and Thessaloniki and in many spots around Greece. Their lookbook for this season, fall/winter 2014-15 has a bohemian touch and an element I really love, fringes!

achilleas accessories lookbookk

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During the change of seasons, a shopping mania overcomes me (well not only me; every woman on this planet!) and I want to buy everything! So after my shopping guide for the best boots out there, it’s time to see the best bags, which are totally made in Greece (and well I have to support my  home)! So I found everything I was looking for in Achilleas Accessories: leopard, fringes and great materials; it was impossible for me not to love them all and it’s so hard to just choose one!

achilleas accessories new bags

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I am not really a big jewellery fan; I feel them heavy and annoying on me so I keep avoiding them on a daily basis, but if I have to go out, I choose something small just to glam up my outfit! But the day I started seeing those simpe rings everywhere, decorated with a simple heart or star e.t.c my heart beated a bit faster and I found my new favourite jewels! So if you like them too take a look at these gorgeous Achilleas Accessories rings and make them yours!

some tiny rings

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So, close your eyes and imagine… it’s summertime and you are on vacation on a Greek island and you over-packed you luggage… In the end, you don’t even wear half of the clothes you packed and you keep wearing the beach clothes cause they are so comfortable and you may end up at the beach anytime! I don’t judge you; I do the same… But are your beach clothes really stylish? I bet they are not as stylish as these gorgeous Achilleas Accessories kaftans which are a key piece for your vacations (pack five of them and you are ready to go!) Choose a printed one, or maybe a plain one? Well, you can choose one with small details, but I am pretty sure that once you see them all, you are gonna crave many more than just one!

So, you can thank me later for giving you the best solution for your next vacations! I just saved your style and your back (from over-packing)

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