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Bloggers we love - Retro Sonja 3

Sonja Vogel is the girl behind the blog Retro Sonja. She’s a 24 year old Dutch redhead, with a love for retro fashion. She’s super cute and absolutely stylish, and I love her outfits. She’s the queen of hats and headpieces, and you’ll very often see her wearing a cute beret. But you won’t only find outfit posts on her blog. She likes interviewing other bloggers as well, and as we do too, we find it admirable that she wants to share other bloggers’ work. Take a glimpse at her style, through the photos we post here today, and make sure to check out her blog and her social media accounts. You’ll find all the links down below!

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Bloggers we love - Dulce Candy 2- StylishlyBeautiful.com

Dulce Candy Tejada, is a 28-year-old fashion blogger and beauty vlogger, who was born in Mexico but moved to California (where she currently lives) when she was little. She joined the army after finishing high school, she served in Iraq for more than a year, and after that she worked as a mechanic in the military. She started her Youtube channel because she wanted something to make her feel more feminine, because her profession didn’t allow that. Later she quit her job and continued with her Youtube channel and personal style blog, and she became one of the most popular bloggers and Youtubers in the world. She’s happily married and has a 4-year-old son. I’ve been a long time follower of Dulce Candy, and I was following her blog long before I found about her youtube channel. Both her outfits, and her makeup looks are amazing. She has a unique style, that flatters her petite frame and her makeup looks are flawless. No wonder she’s one of the best. See more of her style in the pics below and make sure to follow her blog and social media!

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The blogger behind this site is Julie Sarinana and she created ”Sincerely Jules” back in 2009 `because she needed a way to express her style, her thoughts and everything she loved! She travels a lot and she keeps inspiring everyone with her perfect style! I love everything she wears even if it’s casual, girly or chic! She also is a contributor at elle.com, Lucky Magazine, Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan Latina!

sincerely jules the blogger

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pardon my obsession blog

Caroline is a 25 years old student living in Paris with studies on the medical field! After years and years of books and studying she decided that she needed a hobby, which was her blog ”Pardon my obsession”, where she can express her big passion for fashion! Her style has many sides; she can be feminine and girly, chic and casual at the same time! So it’s difficult to avoid such a temptation and avoid checking out her blog. After all, you will find some amazing outfit ideas there!

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Bloggers we love - TFdiaries - StylishlyBeautiful.comMegan Zietz founded her blog TfDiaries (which used to be called The Frugalista Diaries back in the day) in 2010. I’ve been reading her blog and watching her style evolve since 2011 and I can certainly say that’s she’s always been stylish and elegant, even when she was pregnant (something I always find impressive). What I love about Megan’s style is that it’s feminine, and even though it can vary from boho to modern, she always pulls off everything she wears. She’s the kind of blogger who doesn’t wear her clothes just once; on the contrary, she shows you many ways on how you can style the same item differently. You will almost always find her on her high heels, looking fierce, but smiley. I must say, that when she dyed her hair copper red (like me!), I loved her even more! Check out her style in the photos below, and make sure to go to her blog and social media to follow her!

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fashion hippie loves blogger

I recently found out about the Fashion Hippie Loves blog and it became an obsession! Anna is the founder of this blog, she is from Germany and she loves many things like bold colors, Valentino and she manages to combine classic everyday clothes with ”it” pieces with great success! You will see her rocking her chic heels all day long, looking absolutely gorgeous in every outfit! You should totally check her blog and get inspired by her lovely spring, pastel outfits! 

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the pink peonies blog

Rachel Parcell is an American blogger living a dreamy and peaceful life just outside Salt Lake city with her husband, her doggy and soon with her daughter too, since Rachel is almost 7 months pregnant now. I found her blog through Instagram and got so impressed by her style and her dreamy house. I also did not realize that she was pregnant until I saw a photo of her side. She has a great body, gorgeous clothes and she kept her sense of style high during her pregnancy (and she keeps going). Check her blog, follow her on Instagram and get ready to be amazed by her life!

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Bloggers we love Zanita1

For those who don’t know her, Zanita is an Australian former model and blogger started from a country girl and ended up as one of the world’s most successful bloggers. Her model proportions and her talent in photography made her online community growing and growing. At the same time, her style was evolving, using many oversized items and grunge elements in general, in her wardrobe. I’ve been following her blog only for a few months, as I met her from her friend and blogger Gary Pepper Girl (find the whole article we wrote about her here) and her style and aesthetic stood out for me from the very first time. The past three years she also works as a professional photographer having taken up campaigns with iconic brands such as her photographic experience with Louis Vuitton and Gary Pepper Girl. Except for her outfit posts you’re going to see part of the collaboration she did with two of the world’s top bloggers (Nicole Warne and Chiara Ferragni) below, while being photoshooted for Lucky magazine. For more photos you can visit her omonymous blog Zanita!

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Six years ago, an Australian girl launched her own personal style blog named Harper & Harley. Back then, she had no idea of the impact of this movement! Known from the Foxtel’s Fashion Bloggers TV show and her collaboration with the shoe designer Tony Bianco, Sara Donaldson knows how to make the perfect elegant outfits based on simplicity. Her pageviews increased instantly after all these years of blogging, as, more and more users are tuned-in to be updated upon the latest fashion trends. Her distinctive style, which constructs of the main protagonists: black, white and grey, is based on the use and the appropriate combinations of the key pieces of each season. You’ll find more details about Sara’s life, lifestyle and travel at Harperandharley.com.

Harper and Harley SB  1

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Tamara Kalinic - glam and glitter - bloggers we loveTamara Kalinic is a Serbian girl, who moved to England for studies. During those years, she started her fashion & personal style blog, Glam and Glitter Forever, and she got so much success from her blog that decided to leave her life as a pharmacist behind to pursue her dreams, as a blogger. The Glam and Glitter grew even bigger, and Tamara found herself reporting back to her readers from the biggest fashion shows in the world.

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