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Hunter boots

Autumn is finally here!! Just think of how many times you were suddenly in need of a boat due to heavy rain, while you were running from one job to another?? At this point, I’m here to offer you the solution to your problem! One word, Hunter! One of the best and beautiful rain boots out there. A wide variety of colors made of thick rubber, and it’s here to save you from any wet and cold terrain!! The only disadvantage is that they are a little bit heavier than they should be.. As I told you I am only presenting you the brands that I have tested personally, so I’m telling you that this is the best choice for this autumn!!

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dukas coverI believe that there is no woman out there that she is not in love with this man. Due to his job on women’s most desired accessory, he is one of the most coveted men for all women shoppers. As you may have noticed, my articles are devoted to specific designers and this is not due to lack of inspiration; contrariwise it’s due to my interest and admiration. Going through the new designs from Duka’s collection, we notice lines that we have seen before, such as the women’s leg design as a heel. However, the material of the shoes and the small add-ons are different. The true fans will understand me! Without further ado, enjoy his newest creations!!

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ugg 1
Maybe I’ve missed a few of our weekly appointments but now I’m back to present to you the best of the best of the market! What is the best choice to begin with?? Shoes of course!! Maybe it’s because our vacations are over, or maybe because we are back to our routine, but when I hear autumn, one brand comes to mind: “UGG”!!! Call me hasty, call me crazy but it was the first thing that came to my mind! What if many people laugh at these boots, UGG made huge sales with a wide variety of colors and designs capable to satisfy even the most demanding customers. UGG has a lot of partnerships with other companies such as Swarovski and Disney, and the result was just amazing!! This year, they have renewed and upgraded the external cover of their boots, making it more durable against the water, almost waterproof! I always present to you products that I have personally tried, and I can tell you that comfort and warmth is incomparable in those shoes and if you try them, you are not gonna change them again! Take a look and you’ll know what I mean!!

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Sales shopping - shoes

After going sales-shopping for outerwear, such as coats, the second thing on our list should be shoes. Shoes usually have big discounts when on sale, and we can score some really nice deals, for what we originally would have paid a whole lot more, especially when it comes to boots. So make your list, and see what kind of shoes your closet lacks of, and go shopping for them now. To give you some ideas, we’ve gathered a few pairs we liked, but we’ll be back with more, for sure.

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over the knee boots shopping guideI’ve been meaning to talk to you about one of the biggest trends of this season, that almost every woman is in love with, and that is, the over-the-knee boots. It’s a difficult item to style, which doesn’t look well on everyone, and needs to keep the balances between sexy and vulgar, but when worn the right way, it instantly becomes the star of the outfits. High or flat, in a variety of colors and styles, they dominate the streets this season. Choose the color you like, and wear them on top of your skinny jeans or pants, or with skirt and dresses that end just above where the boots end for doses of sexy. They go perfectly together with blazers and shirts, for a day at the office, or with hats and playful dresses for afternoon walks or nights out having fun. Are you going to wear them?

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As much as we love loafers and heels the winter temperatures are forcing us to wear boots! I used to avoid boots a few years ago, because they were all the same black, suede or leather boring boots. But know I can hardly choose the pair I crave the most, since there are gorgeous boots everywhere! This year’s top boot trends are fringes, animal prints and the burgundy color and they are all here to make you even more stylish! So let’s see the best boots for your eyes only!

best boots to buy

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Winter sales started last week, and we can’t help but take a look at all the gorgeous pieces we can find in stores, and online. One of my favorite activities, is “window shopping” online; meaning I roam the online stores and see which pieces I’d like to buy. One of my favorite online shops to do so is spartoo. Spartoo has a huge variety in shoes, bags, clothes, accessories, and many collaborating brands to choose from, so it’s always nice to check their site. So as I was checking the sales the other day to find shoes I’d like to buy, I realized that I would really love to show you some of my finds in case you’re also looking to do some sales shopping. I divided my finds in 3 major categories: pumps & flats, low boots, and tall boots. I tried to find shoes for everybody’s taste, so I hope you like my suggestions. Just hurry up and shop your favorites now, because they’re selling out like hotcakes.

shop the sales - pumps & flats

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While reviewing the trends of this winter I noticed that there was a huge comeback of a certain type of boots: the over-the-knee and sometimes thigh-high boots. They used to be in fashion when I was in high school which means ages ago and as a blind follower of trends I bought a flat pair of this kind of boots back then! I now see that it was wrong for me to wear them since they are not really appropriate for my body type. I really like this trend but I think that it is a bit restricting since you need to be thin and maybe tall to make these boots look good. I picked some boots to show you (all from Greek shoe companies) and some pictures of how fashion bloggers rocked the trend!

sante shoes over the knee boots

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Dukas shoes fall-winter 2014-2015 1Dukas (Dukas Chatzidoukas) was born in Thessaloniki and graduated from the American College of Greece, acquiring a Master’s degree in History of Art. Since 2003, when he created his first shoes & accessories line, he got acknowledged for his talent in creating beautiful, elegant and sexy shoes for women, not only in Greece, but also abroad. Dukas had dressed many international stars like Diana Ross, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna in his shoes & accessories, and has a very remarkable worldwide career, including being the designer of the Pink Ribbon bracelet for Estee Lauder whose profits help women with breast cancer.

His fall/winter 2014-2015 shoe collection is as beautiful as always, with his signature heels stealing the spotlight. Let’s take a look at some the shoes of this collection.

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Sante Lookbook FW14-15-001Sante is a Greek shoe company, whose shoes are designed and made in Greece. This season, their collection consists of dynamic high heels, over-the-knee boots, and masculine platforms. With main textures like leather, suede and the all-time-classic black, SANTE dominates and makes every woman unique.

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