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Maybelline Instant Anti-Age concealer reviewMaybelline’s Instant Anti-Age concealer (or Instant Age-Rewind concealer as it’s more known in other countries) is definitely one of the most wanted concealers worldwide. I had heard a lot about it before getting my hands on it, and I always wanted to try it, because it was meant to be not only inexpensive, but also one of the best drugstore options out there. So when I got it I couldn’t wait to try it out. It’s indeed an amazing concealer, let’s get it out of the way.  It’s very light-weight, and it gets applied very easily due to its sponge applicator (you just twist its base to get the amount you need each time), it doesn’t stay in the fine lines, and stays puts for hours without the need of a setting powder, and it’s quite inexpensive too. Its only “flaw” is the fact that there aren’t many shades available (depending on the country you live in, you may find different shades), and that its size is quite small. Apart from these two, it’s amazing, and I’ll definitely re-purchase it in the future.

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If you happen to watch English Youtube, then you will be familiar with the Collection Lasting perfection concealer. I had the chance to purchase it, and I’ve been trying it for a couple of months now. So here are my thoughts: it is very creamy and soft to apply and also has great longevity. It is not super full coverage, which is actually something I like for every day use. The shade fair 1 will be perfect for pale girls, such as my self.

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Catrice Liquid Camouflage high coverage concealer

I’ve been using the liquid camouflage high coverage concealer by Catrice cosmetics for a few months now, and I can honestly say that I absolutely love it. It’s really cheap, has a thick consistency, and coverage, conceals my dark circles effectively while brightening my eyes at the same time. It stays in place for many hours, and doesn’t stay in the fine lines, and it’s really easy to apply. The only disadvantage I could find, was that it run out faster than all my previous concealers, but with a price that good, that’s not really a concern for me, and I’ve already bought the next one, so I’ll definitely keep using it, and I definitely recommend it for you too!

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