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Achilleas acessories was founded in Athens and has an increasing course since 1978. It is the first brand ever in Greece which produced accessories. The company is always focused on the important things, like quality and originality, combining these with the best prices possible! You can find their products almost everywhere in Athens and Thessaloniki and in many spots around Greece. Their lookbook for this season, fall/winter 2014-15 has a bohemian touch and an element I really love, fringes!

achilleas accessories lookbookk

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Doca is a Greek company dedicated to woman’s fashion. Its designers create 2 full collections each year, from clothes and bags, to shoes and accessories for the modern woman who wants to be in fashion and always look stylish. Doca has 30 stores and corners around Greece (and some abroad) and 25 years of experience. Take a look at their catalogue for fall/winter 2014-2015.

Doca Fall-winter 2014-2015 Lookbook

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There are times when we choose our outfit and think “and what about a jacket? Which one now?” Well, at least it happens to me sometimes, so it’s just my opinion… For these occasions, I think of the “jacket of the moment”, it means, the Box Jacket. It’s unpretentious, with its uncomplicated elegance, timeless in fact. Now, re-styled to reach a more modern look, it comes with beautiful details, trimmings and new fabric textures. Choose your favorite!box jackets 1

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