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Brush Crush collection by Real Techniques

Brush Crush collection by Real Techniques1

Another day, another reason to shop! The Brush Crush collection by Real Techniques is here and is all glittery, sparkly and dreamy! It consists of eight different beautiful and Instagrammable brushes and prices starting at 10 euro up until 12!

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Look of the day - new year's eve outfitAlmost time for New Year’s Eve, and we couldn’t leave you without a suggestion for the look of the day night. Since it’s a dressy occasion – because who doesn’t like to dress up for the most beautiful time of the year? – we picked out a super dressy look. You might think that this dress is expensive, but no, it’s not. It actually costs less than 100 pounds, and it’s on sale. As are the gorgeous Jimmy Choo glitter pumps, that might be most expensive than everything we’re sharing here with you today, but they are a show-stopper, and their reduced price is quite good. Of course you have to pair these two items with a nice short faux-fur, in the same color scheme and a nice glitter clutch. Don’t forget to also wear some minimal jewelry like a nice silver necklace, and a minimal watch. Happy partying! 

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Have you heard the news? The upcoming winter the designers want us to sparkle from head to toe but not the way you think! This winter we will swim into an ocean of bling-blings and glitter and I couldn’t be more excited cause I love ”fairydust”! My advice is to embrace this trend by wearing sparkling accessories; they will add style points to you and this way, you won’t be mocked by your neighbors!

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