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What’s better than a perfect and Stylish Summer Hairtsyle, to make you look even more beautiful, and also keep your hair out of the way, during the hot weather. Well girls I’ve got you covered! The perfect solution fot the summer heat, for your hair is one, Braid it!! I mean there are soo many things you can do and so many different hairstyles to try out! Let’s take a look at some of my favourite:

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Do you find it difficult to figure out the perfect hairstyle for winter? We are here to show some of the easiest and most adorable winter hairstyles you can create on your own. They are appropriate for every occasion and perfect to keep your hair put together in the colder months!


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We have seen many variations of Bobs over the years – the Bob itself, then the one created by Victoria Beckham – the Pob, and recently, the Lob, that stands for Long Bob. Now we have a new one – the Wob, it means, wavy bob. Very practical and beautiful – that is the hairstyle of summer, but can be easily worn throughout the year, as well.

Wob hair

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The top knot and half knot hair styles are not new, but they are having a come back this year! Easy to do, good for many occasions such as beach, swimming pool and events like a nice evening at a restaurant, these styles are very practical and at the same time very elegant and feminine! Take a look!

Top knot and half knot - summer hair trends 3

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It’s the last day of the year, and I’m sure everyone is thinking about tonight’s plans. Either you’re going somewhere special, before or after 12 o’clock, or you’re staying at home celebrating with friends and family, it’s custom to dress up a little, in such occasions to welcome the New Year in the best way possible. What’s better then, than wearing your party dress, your party shoes, do a nice hairstyle and an impressive makeup look. It’s all about the glitter tonight. Don’t be afraid to make your look a little bit over the top than usual. It’s the best night of the year to do it, after all. Take a look at the makeup and hairstyle inspiration we have for you, for tonight, right below.NYE makeup inspiration

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The Bob. Such a versatile hairstyle! After the very copied Pob some years ago and the Asymmetrical Bob (both by Victoria Beckham) now we have the LOB (long bob) as hairstyle of the moment among Hollywood celebs and models: Not too short, not too lengthy, it is perfect in a minimalistic way. You can wear it straight, adding class to your outfit, wavy for a boho retro style or, because of its length, you can create more styles, as you can see below!

The Lob hairstyle

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During summer season our hair are suffering from the sea salt and the sun so we have to take care of them a little more than usual! Use hair-oils, protective creams, hair-sunscreen and of course don’t use your blowdryer and your beloved flat or curling iron… especially if your hair is weird like mine, I know it’s hard to style them without your tools… but trust me, since it’s summer and our style gets more easy-breezy, braids are the best choice for your hair! So I suggest to you the top 3 braided hairstyles to do this summer! They are so easy, stylish and beautiful!

1) The Dutch Braid, see more details here

dutch-braid-short-hair-dutch braid

2) The Boho Braid, see more details here

boho braidboho braids

3) The Flower Braid, see more details here

floral-braidbraids with flowers


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