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Sophie Gray is a personal trainer and nutritionist living in Canada! She became really popular by launching workout and eating programs with great results and she changed the lives of many people who couldn’t battle unhealthy eating and not working out! Her Instagram photos are really inspirational and give you great examples of healthy and delicious food, photos of her killer abs and before-after photos of people who followed her programs! Her moto is “eat better, not less” and we better follow her lead! Find her as @wayofgray and get inspired!

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healthy eating inspiration accounts on InstagramNow that we’ve started a food corner series on Stylishly Beautiful I can finally share with you some of my most favorite accounts. You might already know that I’m a huge food lover, and I love taking and looking at food pics. Lately I stumbled upon various accounts that are all about healthy eating, and most of them are vegan. I’m not a vegan myself, but I do appreciate the healthier alternative, and of course the eye candy. I’m just obsessed with smoothies, and can’t wait to try all those nice-creams or nana-creams I see all over Instagram. I follow many accounts like these 5 I’m gonna present below, and if I was able to check my feed more often, I would have followed even more. But let’s see these 5 for now.

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