5 healthy eating Instagram accounts you should follow

5 healthy eating Instagram accounts you should follow

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healthy eating inspiration accounts on InstagramNow that we’ve started a food corner series on Stylishly Beautiful I can finally share with you some of my most favorite accounts. You might already know that I’m a huge food lover, and I love taking and looking at food pics. Lately I stumbled upon various accounts that are all about healthy eating, and most of them are vegan. I’m not a vegan myself, but I do appreciate the healthier alternative, and of course the eye candy. I’m just obsessed with smoothies, and can’t wait to try all those nice-creams or nana-creams I see all over Instagram. I follow many accounts like these 5 I’m gonna present below, and if I was able to check my feed more often, I would have followed even more. But let’s see these 5 for now.

annietarasova on Instagram

annietarasova: Annie is a 19 year old from Australia, vegan and a Naturopathy student. She posts daily and gives inspiration about healthy vegan food and drinks, to 12.2k followers on Instagram. She posts her recipes on her tumblr, here.

healthshots on Instagram

healthshots: A fitness enthusiast, who gives healthy food inspiration daily. I love the photos of this account. The food looks healthy but delicious and it’s always impeccably styled.

healthyhashtags on Instagram

healthyhashtags: HealthyHashtags is the account of Muna Fletcher, an 18 year old student from Sydney. She’s a vegetarian and she’s into fitness and healthy living. I follow her for a long time now, and I think her account used to have more pics, but she reinvented it about a month ago, and I think she deleted the previous ones. It’s a shame, because they were also amazing.

onehappylifetogo on Instagram

onehappylifetogo: Thais’ account looks absolutely stunning. I just love her food pics, don’t you? As she states on her account she’s a “Plant-muncher, mindful eater, living with three cats”. She likes yoga and sweet things.

vanillacrunnch on Instagram

vanillacrunnch: Lara Delilah aka VanillaCrunnch has the most followers of all these 5 accounts. She uploads inspirational food and fitness pics daily, and she also has a blog, and an e-book, for those of you who want to try her recipes.

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