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Look of the day - new year's eve outfitAlmost time for New Year’s Eve, and we couldn’t leave you without a suggestion for the look of the day night. Since it’s a dressy occasion – because who doesn’t like to dress up for the most beautiful time of the year? – we picked out a super dressy look. You might think that this dress is expensive, but no, it’s not. It actually costs less than 100 pounds, and it’s on sale. As are the gorgeous Jimmy Choo glitter pumps, that might be most expensive than everything we’re sharing here with you today, but they are a show-stopper, and their reduced price is quite good. Of course you have to pair these two items with a nice short faux-fur, in the same color scheme and a nice glitter clutch. Don’t forget to also wear some minimal jewelry like a nice silver necklace, and a minimal watch. Happy partying! 

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New Year's Eve shoes - Shopping Guide

New Year’s Eve is approaching in a really fast pace, so since we’ve covered the subject of party-wear in this post, I thought it’s time to finally cover the subject of shoes. My favorite subject of all, if you don’t already know it. Since it’s the holiday season, we all want to add some more sparkle into our party outfits, and what better way to do that than with a pair or shiny, bold, or even better, glittery shoes. It doesn’t mind if they’re sandals, pumps or even booties, as long as they shine bright for the best night of the year. We want to welcome 2018 in the best way possible, and sparkling shoes do help, believe me!

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Holiday party dresses 2017 It’s clearly our favorite time of the year, and that’s because we love holiday dressing and parties in general. So naturally, we had to share with your this season’s finds for you to be the best dressed in those Christmas parties you’re going to attend this year. Sequins are a holiday classic. If you purchase a sequined dress, you can easily wear it again and again, year after year. It never goes out of style, because it’s such a classic style. Lace is also very popular around this season, so it’s your next best choice for partywear. Velvet is perfect for the holiday season, and it’s very much in trend over the past few years, so it’s definitely a valid choice for this season’s parties. And fringes have a retro vibe that is very popular over the holidays. The choices are endless. You just have to choose the style that fits your personal taste, and choose between a mini, a midi or a maxi dress. Keep your accessories to the minimum, pick a nice pair of high heels and a beautiful hairstyle and you’re ready to dance the night away in style. So what’s going to be  your choice for this holiday season? You can shop for all these dresses through the widget below! 😉

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What to wear to the holiday parties - for men 1

I might not be a stylist but I love a beautiful elegant outfit on men. For today’s post I got inspired from some famous fashion bloggers as their looks can give some good ideas for your style as well. These days are full of holiday parties until New Year’s Eve and it’s a great opportuniny to dress up nicely. If you like formal smart looks, a suit is the ideal choice.  Otherwise, you can achieve a breathtaken preppy style with a tie, vest or sweater.  Try to choose whatever makes you feel more comfortable and have fun!!

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5 holiday makeup looks and how to achieve them

The holidays are quickly approaching, so it’s the right time to make a post, and give you some inspiration on holiday makeup looks and how to achieve them. And which is the best way to do that? Of course by showing you some of the best looks we have found online, by well-known Youtubers. They’re all very special, but they do have common characteristics, like gold and red details, which are must for Christmas looks. If you want to achieve any of these looks, all you have to do is watch how they did their makeup through their video tutorials below:

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Party dresses holidays 2016 The best thing about the holiday season is that you can buy a new dress for those Christmas parties or gatherings, and be totally “excused”. We always want to wear something new during the holidays, especially when it comes to New Year’s Eve parties, so a nice party dress is definitely needed. As always, there are the classic choices of lace, sequins, tulle, and mesh, but this year, there’s also the biggest trend of all: velvet. Whatever your taste is, we’ve gathered here today some very beautiful but also very affordable choices to help you shop for the best dress possible this year. They’re all so pretty! Wish we could buy them all for the holidays! What’s gonna be your choice?

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Party shoes - holidays 2015Christmas might be over, but there’s still one more party night left, and that’s New Year’s Eve! So wear your party clothes, pick one of the gorgeous dresses we’ve gathered here for you, and let’s go party! Glitter is always an appropriate choice for the holidays, and so is black, silver or gold. But if you want to stand out, I say go with something more colorful than that. They will add a pop of color to your outfit, and start the New Year in style! And if you find the thought of heels painful, there are also some really nice flat choices for you! Take a look!

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