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Roberto de Rosa  2

Roberto De Rosa was born in Naples, Italy, and studied Law at the University of Napoli Federco II. Furthermore, since 2009 he has focused his energy on social networks, photography and blogging and in 2010 began a new collaboration with nssmag.com. The collaboration consists of photographic projects and streetstyle photos, attracting the attention of international media, agents and fashion companies. The success of robertoderosa.com contributed to the release of the blogger’s photos in magazines and international-prestige blogs, such as Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, L’Officiel, The Blonde Salad and MDV Style. Roberto de Rosa has experienced success firsthand and he’s an e-celebrity in parts of China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea, reflecting the impact of the e-celebrity in the Asian continent. Roberto is one of the modern influencers in menswear and millions of people visit his website daily in order to learn about the latest fashion trends. Explore the style and personality of the famous blogger on the images below.

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