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Kylie cosmetics is coming to Ulta BeautyIt’s been two months since we first heard about Kylie Cosmetics coming to Ulta stores around the holiday season, but we finally got a date. And that date is the 17th of November. Kylie Jenner tweeted: “Alright, guys, I’m very excited to finally announce that Kylie Cosmetics will be in every single Ulta store on the 17th of this month”. Unfortunately, not every product will be available at Ulta stores just yet, only some of her most famous lip kits. “So I’m going to be starting off with just my best Lip Kits first,” Jenner explains. “And then, I’m going to be expanding and adding a lot more things super fast — so, palettes and all that good stuff.” Ulta announced the launched date, through their Instagram account, by sharing a sneak peek of what Kylie Cosmetics corner will look like. It’s the first time that Kylie Cosmetics will be sold in stores (apart from some of her pop up stores here and there), and we’re hoping there will be more of her products available in stores soon. Hopefully, some other stores that sell worldwide, will also start selling her products in the future, so we can buy her stuff in Europe too.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley launches her own make-up line

It’s not the first time that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s has partnered up with Marks and Spencer. They actually begun their relationship back in 2012 with lingerie and expanded to include a fragrance, activewear and sleepwear. Now, the latest chapter of their collaboration is a full make-up collection. “For me, make-up made sense as the next step because I have a genuine love for it. Like lingerie and fragrance it’s something that’s very personal to a woman, and something that we use every day”, Rosie said in her Vogue interview.

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Christian Louboutin 1st lipstick collection featured- StylishlyBeautiful.comAfter shoes, bags, and then nail polishes, it’s time for the famous designer to venture into lipsticks too. He calls them “objets d’art,” and they’re inspired by the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. His first collection consists of 38 shades of lipsticks in “Silky Satin, Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile” textures, inspired by the designer’s iconic shoes and bags. The lipsticks come in amazing metallic bullet-like containers along with ribbons, to be worn as necklaces. With 90$ (or 60£ in UK), they’re definitely not cheap, but they’re a piece of art, and they bear the signature of the most coveted designer label. Are you curious to try them out? I know we are! They are available in stores from September 2015.

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Our favorite shoe designer (yes, I do love her funky designs way more than a classic pair of Louboutins!) decided to make every future bride on this planet happy by giving them the chance to wear her bridal designs! After noticing that two of her designs (which were close to a bridal style) became sold out many many times she decided to give more options to the brides! I am so in love with those super gorgeous butterfly heels and the pink tassel sandals!


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