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Marc by Marc Jacobs x Disney collection 1Marc by Marc Jacobs collaborated with Disney and they created a dreamy collection inspired by the classic film, “Alice in Wonderland”. It includes handbags, watches, backpacks, iPhone cases, jewelry and more items that will be the perfect present for your loved ones this Christmas. The collection is a little bit pricey but it clearly aims at those who are fascinated with this well-known fairy tale. Check out more from that collaboration below!!

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Do you fill your trousers’ pockets with your cellphones, wallets and other tiny stuff? Unfortunately, guys, storing various objects in your pockets leads to ruining your trousers despite the quality of the fabric. Document holders give a solution to this problem which can accommodate almost everything: your house keys, your wallet and even your tablet. Apart from this, briefcases give a sophisticated style to your outfit (e.g. “I work at the office”) and by holding it you will succeed being effortlessly stylish and elegant at the same time! As seen on the international catwalks, document holders will play a crucial roll in men’s accessories for the 2014-2015 season. First on this act was Dior (Homme) followed by Raf Simons and Marc Jacobs designs.

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Dior Homme SS14

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