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Look of the day mens summer styleIt’s been a long time since we talked about men’s style, and this has to change. So today’s look is dedicated to the men of our lives, and their style. This is kind of a style guide, with the goal of offering some inspiration to men or their girlfriends, friends, mothers, etc. Starting off very simple, with a very casual, laid-back but still sophisticated look. A pair of slim striped shorts is always a good start to an outfit, and this is the protagonist of today’s look. It’s the key piece of the whole outfit, and the only dark one here, since we decided to go with white for the rest of the look. A white T-shirt is all you need to wear on top of it, maybe one with a detail such as the cute pocket the one we picked has, and a nice pair of white sneakers that are very low on the ankle go perfect with this look. If you’re more daring, go for a pair of men’s espadrilles which are the epitome of men’s summer style. Then style the look with a white panama hat, and a silver watch, to finish off the look. You don’t need many accessories. Just wear your hat and enjoy your day!

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mattgstyle stylishly beautiful 1

In 2013, Matthias Geerts created MattGstyle.coma menswear blog which focuses on his style, aesthetics, travels and everyday life. Since then, the famous blogger’s style and blog never stopped evolving becoming one of the most successful blogs of Belgium. Matthias’ female audience can also find women’s style and beauty tips provided by his sister, Tisja Geerts, who is also talented. Success never stops for the famous blogger as he has collaborated with high-end luxury brands and designers, sports brands and vast hotel businesses ant tourist agents turning his blog into a contemporary online business. Explore his style through the following pictures:

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infashionity 5

Infashionity was created by “H” in order to express his passion for fashion and men’s style. After his active presence on Instagram and many engaged followers, “H” created his personal blog to share with his fans more fashion looks and to give them the chance to discover his personal style. In less than a year, infasHionity -which was named after the words fashion and infinity- counts many collaborations with famous fashion brands while its followers were becoming more and more each day because of his active Instagram presence. “I thought the paradox was interesting, as being «in fashion» is something temporary by essence, but at the same time I believe great fashion and great designers can last forever, and even be part of a culture and its history” as he described. Discover his style in the following pictures:

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Stylish knitwear -Shopping guideEvery man has to have some knitwear pieces in his wardrobe. Apart from keeping him warm the cold days of winter, they are elegant. They are easy to combine either with a pair of jeans or a shirt for a casual and sophisticated look respectively. Moreover, grey is the new black so don’t hesitate to try it out. Sales season just began and after a long search, I ended up with the above suggestions. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to get one or two new sweaters!!


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Roberto de Rosa  2

Roberto De Rosa was born in Naples, Italy, and studied Law at the University of Napoli Federco II. Furthermore, since 2009 he has focused his energy on social networks, photography and blogging and in 2010 began a new collaboration with nssmag.com. The collaboration consists of photographic projects and streetstyle photos, attracting the attention of international media, agents and fashion companies. The success of robertoderosa.com contributed to the release of the blogger’s photos in magazines and international-prestige blogs, such as Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, L’Officiel, The Blonde Salad and MDV Style. Roberto de Rosa has experienced success firsthand and he’s an e-celebrity in parts of China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea, reflecting the impact of the e-celebrity in the Asian continent. Roberto is one of the modern influencers in menswear and millions of people visit his website daily in order to learn about the latest fashion trends. Explore the style and personality of the famous blogger on the images below.

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Emmy awards 2015 – Best dressed 1This year’s Emmy Awards had some surprises when it comes to the winners and the red carpet’s appearances. The Game of Thrones series got so many awards even though, I personally believe that its latest season wasn’t as good as the previous ones. Lena Headey was wearing a Zuhair Murad creation and she was absolutely gorgeous (we still hate you Cersei Lannister!). Also, her “brother” Jaime Lannister, aka Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was charming in his tux with black lapel accents and black buttoned shirt. We couldn’t not mention John Stamos’ appearance in a Dolce & Gabbana suit, Sarah Hyland’s beautiful off-shoulder dress by Zac Posen and Lady Gaga’s black minimalistic dress. In other words, this post is dedicated to the best dressed celebrities of the night!!

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Sfera September men's Lookbook 2015 1This September, Sfera suggests a comfy, warm but still elegant look for men. There are also sporty elements as this collection is full of jackets, cardigans and woolen sweaters. We see pieces in simple lines with classic patterns and the dominant colors are dark blue, grey and brown. With so beautiful clothes, men will be more stylish than ever this Autumn!!

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