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Marks & Spencer Fall-Winter 2015 men's collection 1The new Marks & Spencer men’s collection for Fall/Winter 2015 is absolutely elegant and its statement pieces have a dominant part in men’s unique style. The company focuses on classic looks which have a combination of intense patterns and plain lines for a sophisticated confidence. Its suits are renewed thanks to growing demand for a more form-fitting line while the Italian influence is obvious. It’s a collection that emphasizes on those details, fabrics and lines that flatter and provides a comfort and luxury sense. In other words it’s an interpretation of men’s classic style through a modern, urban look!!

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The Atelier SB 2

Patricia Manfield was born in Moscow and now, as a Milano resident she’s writing from there. The 21-year-old blogger was traveling all over the world with her family of artists so she didn’t have the chance to stay in one place for a long time… After following law-school, she changed her mind and applied for Central Saint Martins based in London so as to work in the area of her interests. After she started The Atelier by herself, she found love in the eyes of Giotto Calendoli and her blog was renewed with men’s and women’s outfits. Now they’re both writing and presenting different outfits. I loved their aesthetics from the first visit and of course I’m following them! So, if you want to be informed about the latest fashion trends and have some eye-candy (Giotto is an Italian boy!) you have to visit it!!

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When it comes to fashion everyone has to be kept updated. Rumor has it that men don’t spend as many hours as women to be stylish. Lately, men are likely to be more interested in their style and willing to try new looks. We can really help them by suggesting some celebrity influenced styles. So today I am going to show you how to achieve a charming outfit for work or for a night out with friends.

Get the look - Ryan Reynolds

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emmys 2014 - best dressed

After the VMAs, it’s time to show you the red carpet looks of the Emmy awards. This time we’ll concentrate only on the best dressed of the event, including some of the most stylish men. To be honest I wasn’t wowed by any of the looks, they were moderate at best, but some appearances stood out, so we’re presenting you our picks of the day.

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