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Over the past years many women started wearing the dark lipstick during winter and as the time goes by there are more women who dare to wear it! Personally, I absolutely love it and I think that it’s a must have for every make-up bag! If the dark lipstick scares you, you can always start with a dark bordeaux shade but if you are like me and you like being in the spotlight you should look for purple and why not, black shades! So let’s see the best dark shades to wear this winter!

5 best dark lipsticks

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I spend many hours during the day with my phone! I think I am kind of addicted to Facebook and Instagram, maybe a little more with Insta! I love searching for new people to follow and the past weeks I found some super talented make up artists and I love their little video tutorials. Just follow them and get inspired!

sara hil mua

Sara Hii is by far my favorite! She looks like an expensive china doll and I love her videos about lipstick swatches and how to create the perfect eyeliner wing!

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Autumn is finally here and as we do on the beginning of every season, we are going to clear out our make-up collection and renew it, by adding some stuff to it. Let’s start with some eye shadow palettes for Fall.

autumn eyeshadow palettes

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