5 Make Up Artists you should follow

5 Make Up Artists you should follow

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I spend many hours during the day with my phone! I think I am kind of addicted to Facebook and Instagram, maybe a little more with Insta! I love searching for new people to follow and the past weeks I found some super talented make up artists and I love their little video tutorials. Just follow them and get inspired!

sara hil mua

Sara Hii is by far my favorite! She looks like an expensive china doll and I love her videos about lipstick swatches and how to create the perfect eyeliner wing!

goar avetisyan mua

Goar Avetisyan is a miracle-maker! She can turn a non attractive woman to a real model, ready to walk the Victoria’s Secret show!

elena sinyak mua

Elena Sinyak is a recent find! She is a super talented MUA but also a hair stylist! She creates the most extravagant wedding hairstyles and transforms the brides!

sellma kasumoviq mua

Sellma Kasumoviq is not an ordinary MUA with a more extreme look than the others! I love watching her mini videos about make up and hair!

melissa samways mua

Melissa Samways is the one who tries to teach me the art of contouring! Her technique is absolutely flawless and I love the photos of her lips with many different lipstick swathes!

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