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Paris Hilton launches Unicorn Mist skincareWith the unicorn trend craze still going strong, Paris Hilton dived into the world of skincare by launching the first product of her line, called Unicorn Mist. Unicorn Mist is infused with rose water, and supposed to have all natural ingredients, to make your skin glow throughout the day. The packaging is true to the product name with iridescent colors and a crowned P. above the Paris Hilton name. It’s the first product of her skincare line, rumored to be released early in 2018. “I am so excited to be able to bring such an amazing product to the market. I have always had a passion for taking care of my skin and I only use products that actually work without harmful chemicals that are only a temporary fix. With this new company I can stand behind my own products and promote a brand that is focused on making products that truly work and can help everyone look and feel their best.” said Paris Hilton on her press release. The product comes in a 50ml bottle, so you can use it on the go and costs $29.

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The new BH Cosmetics Highlight Palette has definitely caught our attention. Not only they are super affordable, but they also come with a selection of 6 colour in each palette! So you will be able to find th perfect highlight shade for you and you also use them as an eyeshadow! There is a more bronze palette with colours which start from a very light gold campaign colour and go up until some deep shades, which will be perfect as highlighters for darker skin tones, or as bronzer or eyeshadow for pale people! The other one is definitely more light on tone and has that holographic vibe, which is totally in trend right now! Both look amazing!!

Available on BHCosmatics.com


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Rogue Man fragrance

Rihanna will be launching her new fragrance for men, Rogue Man, next September, dedicated to her male fans. She is so excited about it the she has promised an addictive and sensual fragrance which will steal every woman’s heart and make every man charming. She has not given any extra information yet, so we have to wait a bit to try it.

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