5 Lush products for Valentine’s day

5 Lush products for Valentine’s day

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5 Lush products for Valentine's dayFor this year’s Valentine’s day, Lush released some incredibly adorable and limited edition (most of them) products. No matter if you are single or not, it’s a great opportunity to treat yourself with something nice. Today, we suggested 5 products that you should definitely check out. The company is famous for its bath bombs and we fell in love with the rose bombshell (pink one), the cupid (the one in the middle) and the lover lamp.  All of them have irresistible scent. The Prince charming shower cream was created by the combination of sweet marshmallow root, vanilla pod infusion and pomegranate juice so you can imagine how delicious it must be. Last but not least, the kiss lip scrub will be your ally for soft and kissable lips. It contains a mix of fine sea salt, caster sugar, Fair Trade cocoa butter, almond and mandarin oil.  Undoubtedly, Lush always likes to spoil us a little, doesn’t it?!

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