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Lancome new matte shaker for Fall 2017 1

This Fall, Lancome introduced us 18 new shades of Matte Shaker Liquid lipstick. The brand made sure to include all the must-have shades for this season as they are going to be an addiction to the permanent line.

For those who haven’t tried a Matte Shaker yet, let us tell you how amazing it is. It’s a matte liquid lipstick that wears comfortably without drying out your lips. It offers a soft weightless texture and intense bright colour. Its applicator is a unique cushion sponge that enables a precise application onto the lips, and buildable color that dries without smudging. You will gladly discover many pink and nudes shades among the new ones.  There are also some reddish and orange shades for the daring ladies.  The Matte Shaker Liquid lipstick might be a little bit expensive but it totally worth it!

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