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You should follow - @polabur on InstagramI can’t remember how I found out about @polabur ‘s Instagram profile. It may have been either trough another blogger @adashoffash, or either through an Instagram suggestion you now see while scrolling down your feed. Either way, I really loved her account, so I didn’t hesitate to follow her. Her profile does share some characteristics with a @dashoffash, but has less pink hues, and she posts photos of Amsterdam a lot, something I really love since the day I got back from my trip there. Either way, her photos really caught my attention and made me follow her instantly. She has a really beautiful account, consisting of photos of her, food or beautiful places around the world. What else could I ask for! Nothing, I reply. If you like the same things, then you should definitely check her out and why not, maybe follow her too! 😉

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