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the instagram favourite Farsali Primer and where you can find it

The product that broke the Instagram has become so big that it now available at Sephora in many countries and also on many other online shops! The primer that promises a luminus look and flawless looking make up, has some of the best packaging and it also has skincare properties. If you wanted to get your hands on it now it is super easy. If you live in Europe I suggest you buy it from CultBeauty.com, otherwise you can get it at Sephora.com.

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I am a bit skeptical about some products, primers, for example. Somehow I find that the cosmetic industry tries to create new products, just because of the need of permanent innovation, to grab consumer’s attention. And com’on, we know that most of us would be curious and would like to try new things – so the industry keeps on doing it, launching products that are not necessary, but they know they will make profit.

This is not the case of POREfessional, from Benefit Cosmetics! It works!

Benefit pore-fessional review - Stylishly Beautiful.com

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