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Wendy Yue is a fantastic artist – I think you will really love her work. She was born in Hong Kong, studied in Vienna and while traveling around Europe she registered her memories of trips painting watercolors. She established her atelier in 1998 and worked for several Hong Kong renowned jewelry companies. After various collaborations Wendy Yue created her own label and you can now see her incredible work here!


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I am not really a big jewellery fan; I feel them heavy and annoying on me so I keep avoiding them on a daily basis, but if I have to go out, I choose something small just to glam up my outfit! But the day I started seeing those simpe rings everywhere, decorated with a simple heart or star e.t.c my heart beated a bit faster and I found my new favourite jewels! So if you like them too take a look at these gorgeous Achilleas Accessories rings and make them yours!

some tiny rings

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The famous Italian blogger and model Mariano Di Vaio, apart from making the female audience crazy for him, just released his new jewelry collection called MDV Jewels! The collection consists of men’s rings, bracelets, pendants and wallet chains which can flawlessly complete your outfits and even make them special and unique! On the official site www.mdvjewels.com you will find the new summer collection of men’s and even women’s jewellery. Take a look at some pieces of his collection worn by Mariano himself:

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