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Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly

Clinique is launching a new skin care product this summer. The Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly is new moisturiser with a lightweight, water-jelly texture. It’s ideal for dry, moisture-deprived skin as it offers 24-hour hydration, while protecting the skin from environmental damage caused by pollution.

The brand says it is absorbed quickly and reaches the deepest layers of the skin to lock in moisture and strengthens skin’s moisture barrier. It leaves the skin smooth, plumped and healthy with a fresh glow.  The Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly is paraben, phthalate and fragrance-free product and formulated with Clean Shield Technology. It includes sunflower seed cake, barley and cucumber extract to preserve skin’s moisture levels. The hyaluronic acid contribute quite a lot to hydration’s maintenance, as well.

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As much as love winter, and the holiday season, I have to admit it is not the best time for anyone’s skin. Even if you have oily skin, there days which some parts of your face get super dry. So today after a good research I have to show you my top picks for keeping your skin hydrating during winter!

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This time of the year besides baking christmas cookies and schedulling our night out we also buy many gifts for our loved ones!But these gifts can cost a fortune and our wallets are kind of empty so I have a great suggestion for you! Sephora right now has great offers for their bath items like moisturizers, showers gels, bath salts and precious oils a.k.a what a girl wants! You can combine two or three items and create a gift basket in a budget and you will make all your friends happy! You can find all the offers at sephora.gr!

gift ideas from sephora

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Beauty Formula Apricot Facial Scrub _ ReviewThe Beauty Formula Apricot Facial Scrub is a great and affordable product of its category. Its texture is creamy with medium size granules and it has a beautiful -not so discreet- apricot scent. It can be used from normal skin types to oily ones without creating any irritation. It exfoliates your skin gently and leaves it unbelievably soft and amazingly smooth. If you have unwanted oiliness like me, you are going to love it as it removes it and you can feel your face matte and radiant for at least the next two days. Plus, it doesn’t provoke your acne so I don’t have any particular reason not to buy it again!

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Apivia face masks_Review

Apivita is worldwide famous about its skin care products. Today’s review is about two face masks that I really liked. The Express Beauty mask with green clay is mostly referring to oily and combination skin. It cleanses deeply, reduces the unwanted excess of sebum and oiliness and prevents the formation of black spots. Plus, it contains propolis extract which has an antiseptic effect. Every time I use it, I feel my skin unbelievably clean and my acne is calmed down.

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Korres Santorini Vine Body Milk_ReviewIf I have to choose one skincare product that reminds me of summer, that would definitely be the Korres Santorini Vine body milk. It has a fresh and fruity scent of blossoming Greek vineyards. It really makes your day and you feel like you are relaxing at a beach on a hot summer day.

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Do you wonder what your skin needs to be young and radiant? You don’t know what products are better suited for your age? Then keep reading because this post can answer your questions.

Facial treatments based on the age 20s

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Korres nectarine rich moisturising mask_Review

If I am being correct Korres launched the series of travel-friendly face masks in economic packaging last year. I wanted to try them all, but for an unknown reason I only tried the rich moisturizing mask with nectarine. It has a velvety rich texture and an amazing fruity scent. It contains nectarine extract, with tonic and antioxidant properties and a blend of vitamins which revitalize the skin and replenish its hydration levels. As a result, it hydrates deeply, soothes your skin and leaves it incredibly soft. It contains 18ml of product but it’s enough for 4-5 uses. I believe it’s a great choice if you want to always have a mask for a quick refreshment with you during your travels.

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